Jersi Sublimation

Sublimation Jersey

Full body printed customized T-Shirts / Jerseys for people who always have more to say! You can insert your favorite personalized messages and images and create your own versions of stories you wish to tell the world. Ideal for casuals, special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries, promotions, awareness campaigns or simply for gifting your loved ones. Each order would take ten days to get processed.

What are the advantages

  • Vibrant and photo-realistic images & colours
  • As many colours as you want! No per-colour charge like with screen printing.
  • Durable and extended life-span.
  • Can be applied to garments and items that screen printing just can’t get onto.
  • Lighter than a screen print; won’t weigh the garment down.
  • Far superior to a screen print in terms of strength, will not crack.
  • Can be stretched and is perfect for stretchy materials like Lycra.
  • Vibrant Colours (super bright pigment technology)
  • Soft Finish & Super Light Weight (softer than a screen print)
  • Commercial Strength & Stretchable (works great on Lycra, swimwear and stretchy materials)
  • Full Colour High Quality Detail (perfect shadings and tonals)
  • Washable & Long Lasting (washes better than a screen print, will outlast garment!)
  • Versatile (can be applied to a wide range of items)

Harga :

  • RM 60/helai (1-10 helai)
  • RM 45/helai (11-30 helai)
  • RM 35/helai (31-50 helai)
  • RM 33/helai (51-100 helai)
  • RM 28/helai (100-200 helai)

*+RM200 sehingga RM300 untuk caj design

*+RM5/helai untuk lengan panjag

*+RM6/helai untuk kolar

*+RM5 untuk saiz 2XL hingga 5XL

*Sila hubungi kami untuk lain-lain kuantiti.